Security Guarding:    

ž  Provision of Well Trained Guards for Watch & Ward:
We Provide best standard Armed Guard / Supervisors who have high degree of perfection in weapon handling and follow set Rules of engagement with precision when it comes to firing. Good selection criteria for the right candidate are important factors in our recruitment process. Once selected, the candidate goes through a training program on the various aspects of guarding and loss prevention. We ensure our guards are paid well and on time. Each guard assignment is different since the risk factors vary from customer to customer.

Before RSS takes on a Guard Service assignment, a study is made on the risk faced by the Customer and come out with an action plan for the best solution to prevent potential losses. Customers are getting the quality and results. The return on investment for our Customers is apparent in the reduction in losses faced by our Customers.

In RSS, we are proud of the quality guards produced by our team of experienced leaders and trainers.

RSS guards are highly rated in the security industry.

ž VIP / Executive Close Protection:

Our Close Protection Officers, (CPO's), hold experience in the many various areas of Close Protection work whether this is within VIP/Executive protection, Personal protection right through to Hostile and Non-Hostile protection. We tailor our services to the client’s needs whilst ensuring that communication is paramount to enable our officers to quickly react to the possible changes in plans and location. With the vast experience of our officers means we are able to deliver the continued high level of service we pride ourselves on.

žMobile Escorts:

Mobile Escort Services are also provided by RSS to protect personnel & property during movement. Escort teams are fully trained in defensive measures to meet any eventuality.

ž  On Call Response Force:

RSS have multiple response capability, We can give up a scalable force beyond the company that’s designated, which gives us a unique capability in our AOR.

ž Community Protection:

RSS residential security guards work to develop a familiarity with residents so that their presence becomes a natural element within the community.

     Getting to know community members will also help guards to identify unusual activity and because they work so closely with residents, we require that all new hires complete a rigorous screening process, including an extensive background check to ensure that only the most skilled and trustworthy guards serve the families of your community.

ž  Event Security Management:
As a provider of security and crowd management services at festivals, Show & Event (RSS) are second to none. With many years of experience in this challenging environment and working not only at major festivals but also at one-off events at greenfield sites, we have the knowledge and understanding that a single provider needs to create a bespoke crowd management and security offer. This offer is always tailored to the needs of the client.

     We provide front of stage/pit security, overnight camp-site protection and secure patrols. With the latest technology RSS maximise public safety and minimise the opportunity for crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. We have embraced change in pursuit of excellence.

Security Systems:

ž  Parameter Security System:

ž  Access Control System:                                                        ž  Surveillance System:

 Security Alarm System:

ž  Fire Detection And Alarm System:                                        ž  Video Gate Entry & Intercom System:

ž  Walk Through Gate:


ž  Explosive Detectors:

ž  Misc. Security Devices: