About Rehman Security System (Pvt) Ltd.
Flat # 4, Ground Floor, Abu Dhabi Tower, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad



Rehman Security Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. (RSS) pushes the limits to provide security services with the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all aspects. We aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations. We recognize one of the most challenging issues to date is security, and are uncompromising in our dedication to this integral element in all our business activities.
An 'excellent company' of the 21st century must fulfill its responsibilities as a citizen of the global community, while maintaining the highest levels of business performance.
Since its formation in 1998, Rehman Security Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. has a proud history of leading the Security Companies in Pakistan. More than ever, all of us at Rehman Security Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. today are eager to meet the challenges as we see opportunities to apply our know-how and our long experience for the purpose of securing people's lives & assets.
 Managing Director Maj. (R) Arshad Ali

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